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Building Meaningful and purpose driven lives.

Odinaka Ojukwu Foundation is a brain child of Chief Odinaka Ojukwu, Chairman Managing Director Of Dinavic Industries Ltd . He is an international businessman and a philanthropist. The passion, drive and urgency to improve the quality of life of Nigerians prompted him to set up this foundation.

As a non-governmental organization, the Odinaka Ojukwu Foundation is established with the sole purpose of addressing the immediate and remote needs of Nigerians especially those in the rural areas . Dinavic Industries Ltd is a major financier of Odinaka Ojukwu Foundation Projects through a trust fund set aside for corporate social responsibility  by the company .

Chief Odinaka Ojukwu is of the view that the true measure of his success is dependent on the number of lives he transforms. He believes that as a very successful businessman, his primary responsibility as a true citizen of Nigeria, is to help in bridging the poverty gap in Nigeria. He believes that the role of alleviating poverty should not be left for government alone.

Based on this line of thought, Chief Odinaka Ojukwu established the foundation as a channel of providing succor to the needy through a trust fund provided by dinavic industries Ltd . He is obviously disturbed by the reality that, despite the huge natural resources in the country and our rich human capital, Nigeria is still rated among the poorest countries in the world. He is uncomfortable by the reality that,  a sickness as common as malaria,  kills over 300,000 children in Nigeria every year.

He is worried that poverty has prevented many intelligent children from going to school and as well has hindered some promising youths from furthering their education to the university level.

Chief Odinaka Ojukwu is equally annoyed with the agonizing fact that, many elderly men and women who should be enjoying the gift of old age, are rather living in agony, sorrow, pain and total lack.

It is a highly disturbing situation that, Nigerian youths with immense skills and creative ingenuity, are wasting their talents by engaging in unproductive ventures due to lack of motivational and financial support. Pregnant women are dying in dozens due to poor ante-natal care. Children are dying due to poor nutrition,

All of these pathetic scenarios are what the Odinaka Ojukwu Foundation is established to address.

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to build a society where people live a life of purpose devoid of extreme lack


Our mission is to reduce poverty; improve access to quality health care’ re-invigorate rural economies; and provide adequate opportunities for people to live meaningful and fulfilling life.