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Rural Emancipation Programs

The foundation carries out systematic development strategies which are aimed at simulating rapid development at the grass root level. The poverty rate in rural areas is high, leading to avoidable deaths and sufferings.

Our rural emancipating programs are targeted at agricultural interventions like provision of high yield seedlings, supply of fertilizers to farmers, free seminars on better /more rewarding means of farming, provision of mechanized farming system and lots more.

We focus mostly on women because they are the key drivers of rural economics.

We equally assist rural dwellers in sharpening their creative skills like carpentry, shoe mending/making, tailoring, bricklaying, iron bending and other business activities. We assist them with modern technologies and ideas that will improve the quality of their work as well as yield more profit. The bottom-line of our rural emancipation program is to improve the quality of life of rural dwellers. When this is achieved, the rate of rural-urban migration will drastically reduce.